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7 Secret Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store

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Last Updated on September 20, 2018 by Kuldeep Bisht

The e-commerce market is competitive and getting bigger day by day. How would you be in the marketing and how can you get maximum traffic to your e-commerce store?

In this blog post, I am telling you a few secret ways that can drive maximum traffic to your e-commerce site. However, you might have heard many of these but following in right way can make your business win.

Social Media Presence

Don’t be lazy to share all your stuff with the people by using social media stages like Facebook and Twitter. Show them what you have got and what you have; keep them posted with offers, eye catchy events, special discounts and much more. Use social media as a medium to communicate with your potential consumer.

Believe it or not, most of your traffic can arrive from a social media platform. Analyse and do some research about precise content and time to post that content. Make sure you’re using Social OG tags to make your post attractive and clickable.

Use Pictures to Attract Eyes

There is no doubt that visual content attracts more eyes than a simple text. Make your posts on social media like Facebook and embed pictures in them. A picture can speak a thousand words and so can attract a thousand visitors or potential customers.

Simply putting picture will not help you. You will have to tag it with the relevant link that will redirect people to your site when they click on the picture. Advertise any special offer, promotions, or discounts via eye-catching pictures with catchy taglines. These are lots of sites like Pinterest, Flickr where you can find an attractive image which describes your product as real-life need.

Take the Mobility Approach

Driving traffic to your ecommerce site is not only limited to the people browsing the internet but it is also about connecting with people via different other devices, mostly tablets and smartphones. With the tremendous increase in the popularity of tablets and smartphones, ecommerce websites now needs to become more devices friendly than ever.

If you web portal becomes unresponsive or works sluggishly from mobile or tablet then your potential customer may walk away and all your SEO, SMO and advertising effort may fall apart. This will also destroy your online image. So, be sure to make your website compatible for different devices. You can use tools like Screenfly to check compatibility at a different resolution.

Connect with Your Customer

Keep in touch with your current customers by offering them new discounts and deals. Keep them posted about new arrivals, offers, and other stuff. Use social media or emails to send them updates regarding your site. It is the best way to keep your existing customer attached to your e-commerce portal.

For example, you have recently launched a new product and want to share it. So first share it with your regular customers with the help of newsletter and social platform. Also, you may offer some discount or any offer like they’ll get more coupon or discount if they refer a new signup or referral purchase. You may use coupon sharing sites to share your offer and discount. This would be a perfect recipe to get new customer while using your old ones.

Try Word of Mouth Marketing

The rise of social media and other platform have allowed the user to get information about any product before buying it. Currently, product reviews play a great role for the customer in deciding if they should buy this product or not. A lot of good and satisfied customer means it’s worth buying.

So, it would be nice to add an app that enables your followers to leave comments or rate their purchasing or purchasing experience. This will help in building your credibility and trust.

Use Paid Advertising

Use Google AdSense and other advertising programs to promote your site. You can also get thousands of unique visitors by placing your ads via different channels. With the Facebook jumping into advertising field, it has given a great opportunity to new e-commerce retailers to market their brand to millions of people. Facebook advertising, Clicksense or Google AdSense are paid advertising mediums and can help in bringing tons of traffic to your site.

Start Forum and Community

Generating involvement among customers in the social network is quite important in order to keep loyal customers with you. Start a forum or a community to communicate with your customers. Organise a question-answer session with your customers. Let them post their questions about products, business, or whatever that is relevant.

This will activate customer care strategy and at the same time will help in creating more involvement and thus increase the visibility of your brand. Customers will feel more satisfied when they will find their questions answered. You can use question answer websites like Quora to connect with your potential customers or visitors.

You can also organize some quiz or other events through the community and can giveaway some cool goodies or coupons for their next purchase. This will also keep your customer loyal to your brand and will help in spreading the word through social media.

What are other ways do you use to get traffic to your e-commerce website? Share your traffic generating ways in comments.

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