Promoting Your Blog on Facebook Like a Pro – The Step By Step Guide

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Last Updated on September 10, 2020 by Kuldeep Bisht

Friends, here’s what’s got me writing this. Two weeks earlier, I was reading random digital marketing stuff, and stumbled upon a Zephoria report on Facebook. With 1.86 billion monthly active users, Facebook has more users than Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram combined! So, for anybody who doubted the value Facebook marketing for one moment, it’s time to wake up. Small business owners, brand managers, influencers, shoppers, leaders – everyone’s on Facebook.

My experience with Facebook marketing has taught me that there’s no rule to success, but there certainly are best practices that will get you there. I will share all the best practices with you.

The best time to brace up for leveraging Facebook for your blog and website’s promotion was yesterday, the next best is now, so let’s get on with it.

Phase 1. Create a Mind-blowing Facebook Page

Your Facebook business page should showcase you like what you dream your blog to become, not what it is. Over time, this page will become the single most important point for social media based promotion of your blog posts. I’ll tell you how to create a Facebook page, in simple steps.

#1 – Go to

#2 – Choose one of the 6 categories.

Create a page on facebook

Don’t worry! You can change the category and the name later. The info you need to fill and the basic look of the page will slightly differ based on category. For instance, local business page will require your store address.

#3 – Within a category, you will need to choose a niche. For instance, bloggers could go for ‘brand or product’ and select ‘website’ as a subcategory. To play safe, see the Facebook business pages of the best competing blogs, and go for the category they’ve chosen.

Choose a category for your facebook page

#4 – Enter a name once done, and click on Get Started.

#5 – Fill a descriptive and crisp description in the Add a Short Description section.

add facebook page description

#6 – Create a user name for your page.

create an unique username for your brand

This improves the search-ability of your Facebook page. Note down your short profile URLs to share them on your blog or other websites.

username improve visibility

#7 – Upload a cover photo and profile photo.

Check out HubSpot’s Dos and Don’ts Guide to help you understand the best practices of Facebook cover photos and profile photos. Here’s how your profile photo will be sized (in pixels) based on where it’s displayed:

  • The main page – 160 x 160
  • In newsfeed – 100 x 100
  • On timeline – 86 x 86
  • Comments – 43 x 43

BufferApp has put together an awesome resource page to help you with Cover Photo creation, read it.

#8 – Make Your Profile Complete

  • On the left sidebar of your Facebook page editor, you’ll see an About option.
  • Click on it, and Then Click on Edit Page Info.
  • Key in details such as Mission, Phone number, Website, Email, and Story.

The reason: this info is visible in the About tab of your finished Facebook Business page, so you want the page to appear like a professionally managed and branded blog.

complete your Facebook profile

Congratulations, you have a pretty decent Facebook Page ready now.

Phase 2. Means and Methods of Promoting Your Blog Posts Via Facebook

The ‘pain’ of every blogger is – it’s not enough to write the best content, you need to promote it smartly. Take my advice; view this as your opportunity to beat most competitors, rather than treating this as extra work.

Let’s learn ways and means to make your Facebook page awesome, so that your followers surge, you get more shares, and enjoy great visibility for your website.

Follow the below steps to promote your Facebook page and get traffic to your blog.

1. Invite All Your Friends

Next to the buttons like Follow, Share, etc, is the option to Invite Friends. You can select friends based on Recent Interactions, their locations, groups, etc.

invite friends on facebook

Once you send the Invite, your friends will receive a direct message with the invitation; you can’t edit this message.

2. Promote your Facebook page on your blog

This is the reverse method, some say! Why not impress your organic traffic with your awesome blog posts, and motivate them to check out your Facebook page and Like it?

To do this, all you need is to add a social share plugin. To add your Facebook Page on your website, use ‘Page Plugin’ from Facebook. Click on the Get Code button, copy the code, and just add it at the position where you want it to appear on your website page.

add facebook widget on your website

Another great plugin, for WordPress website is WP Social Sharing. Here’s how you can install it.

  1. In your WP admin panel, go to Plugins > New Plugin. Search for this plugin, and hit the Install button.
  2. That’s it. Enjoy.

3. Use all 4 kinds of Facebook updates

With Facebook, you can post 4 kinds of status updates – link updates, text updates, video updates, and photo updates. This gives you good options of posting content at different times to popularize and promote your blog content.

Every now and then, throw in a funny and attention seeking viral photo. I use Post Planner’s Viral Photo Finder to find good stuff.

4. List Styled Blog Posts + Tags on Your Status Update

Once a week, create a blog post in the form of a list, where you can add names of 5-10 market influencers, reputed brands, seasoned bloggers, and other important people relevant to your readership. The idea is to then do a link status update, tagging these people and brands, hoping a few of them would share your post to their audiences. Here’s an example:

tag people on your updates

5. Leverage Facebook Ads to Promote your Posts

Once you get things moving via Facebook marketing, consider spending a little on Facebook Ads to promote your posts.

Go to top right of your Facebook Page, use the pull down arrow, and click on Create Ads.

promote blog on facebook with ads

The next screen asks for your ad objectives. This is pretty intuitive, and based on what you select, you can follow the on-screen instructions and set the ads campaign rolling.

set your marketing objective for facebook ads

For bloggers, I’d advise you go for Reach as your primary motive. Click on Continue.

On the next screen, you can change default settings such as currency, timezone, etc.

Next up, you can specify details such as:

  • The Facebook page you want to promote
  • Audience: create a new audience or choose an already saved audience.
  • You can specify demographics such as age, gender, location, etc.
  • Use the Detailed Targeting box to make your ad campaign more relevant and highly targeted.
  • Next up, choose placement details of the ad. Unless you have done some research on this, choose Automatic Placements.
  • Finally, specify your budget, and you’re ready.

set audience for facebook ad

set budget for facebook ad

On the next page, you can choose a format (available options are – Carousel, Single Image, Slideshow, Video, Canvas).  You can then add text for your advertisement. You can check a Preview of the advertisement as well.

choose your ad format

Once satisfied with your ad, click publish to reach targeted audience.

6. Share Your Post on Your Personal FB Wall

Sounds too commonplace? Well, I am sure there are bloggers out there who don’t do this. Sharing your Facebook business page post on your personal profile helps in 2 ways:

  1. At the end of the day, it’s another share, and is a boost to the popularity of the post, with more exposure.
  2. Followers of your personal profile will find it hard to resist going to the post and seeing what it’s all about!

Hint: Don’t share a link update from your business page to your personal page, because your Page Info is omitted in such cases. Any photo update, status update, or text update is more suitable, because it will come with the Page name mention.

7. Leverage the Power of Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a gold mine of audience for your posts. I’ll tell you how to use them to the best advantage.

Leverage Facebook Groups

  1. Use Facebook Group search by keying in keywords related to the post you want to promote.
  2. Identify 5 groups and discussions where you can share your post in a relevant manner.
  3. For every group, add a genuine message to your post, which suggests you have actually gone through the group posts, and share it in the group.
  4. Make sure you follow up at least twice every week, because other group members might not necessarily tag you when they post any comment, question, or feedback related to your post share.

Additional tips

Since you will be promoting the same post on about five Facebook Groups, don’t just copy and paste the contents while posting. Add a few words to help contextualize the post to the group you are sharing it in.

Basically, look to contribute to the discussion and the Group’s core idea, rather than making it a case of blind promotion of your content.

Recommended Reading: This post from SocialMediaExaminer helps you with tips and tricks of networking with Facebook Groups, read it.

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8. Create a Facebook Event to Get Repeat Visits

Facebook Event is the perfect option to promote your special blog posts. The reason – when anybody accepts an Event invite on Facebook, he/she gets notifications of all the updates you post related to the Event, Because of this, the repeat visits you get for your blog increases.

When you want to run a contest on your blog, are announcing a sale or a promotion on your business website, or looking to share news on a date sensitive event, Facebook Event is worth your attention, effort, and time.

Note that you will need to be smart about which Facebook asset you use to create the Event. On your personal profile, you can invite Friends, on your Business page you can invite Fans, and on your Facebook Groups you can invite Members.

This FB Events guide tells you all you need to know about the technicalities of creating, organizing, leveraging, and promoting a Facebook Event.

9. Promote Page through your communication

Add your Facebook Page in your email signature, author profiles, forums by adding a link to the page and linking it to a phrase such as ‘What do you think about my Facebook Page?’

kb signature

Final Words

These 9 tips keep you busy for the next few weeks, as you try to promote your blog posts via Facebook. Like any digital marketer would tell you, Facebook is the most important social platform for you, and the only success recipe is to continue experimenting, trying new things, and making meaningful updates and shares.

What is your story behind promoting your blog on Facebook? How would you get more traffic from Facebook to your website? Let me know your strategies in comments and If you have any queries then you can ask me right here.

All the best 🙂

Kuldeep Bisht

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