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Last Updated on September 10, 2020 by Kuldeep Bisht

Any content marketer worth his salt knows the value of a good blog post topics. The more people read it, the more they share; and the more they share, the more your site traffic increases. It’s that simple!

Use tools like Buzzsumo to figure out who’s sharing your content, how many shares you’re getting, and the reason why your articles are worth sharing. But if your content isn’t creating quite the splash you’d hoped it would, rethink your strategy.

The truth is, web trends evolve quickly, it’s easy to get lost in the fray. Thankfully, there are some tried-and-tested blog subjects that most users love to engage with and share. Read more about them below:

Productivity Hacking

Topics regarding improving one’s productivity have proven extremely popular with the Internet crowd.

being more productive

Most people enjoy sharing practical content that they can use to better their own lives as well as improve the lives of others. For instance, the topic of time. Time is important, and we’d all love more of it. So, what if you were to cover ways to make the days longer, allowing users to complete more calls, finish more work – that’d get their attention, for sure.

Create blog content focusing on productivity tips. Show how your service or product improves productivity or share which productivity exercises yielded positive results for you. Write a good quality article on the subject of productivity, and you’re bound to notice a gradual increase in the number of shares.


The growing travel industry clears up one thing for sure – people love to travel. Visiting someplace new relaxes our mind and creates memorable experiences, things people love to share. Get onboard this trend. Start by thinking about what you would like to read about. Craft the content in a way that your site becomes a frequent destination.

Direct your users to tools like Evernote that make travel arrangements a breeze, and conveniently remind you of your schedule.

Once you figure out which travel topics appeal to users, you can easily shape your content so that they are socially shared among an interested audience.

Health and Fitness

According to a 2015 Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Report, 49 percent of global respondents thought themselves overweight, while 50 percent were trying to shed weight. This explains why fitness-related blog posts are so popular and shared throughout the Web. Choose topics that deal with diet, health, and fitness tips, but make sure the information you’ve included accurate information. After all, you wouldn’t want to mislead your visitors with wrong information, like what happens with Facebook.

Developing fitness content websites might seem challenging but it’s actually quite easy. Make a list of the best health blogs and check them often to know what’s going on in the industry. A simpler way to do things is to use a tool like Pulse. This tool aggregates news from the health sites of your interest and enables you to remain abreast of the latest developments at all times.

Your health content is bound to perform better if you make it more relatable. Show the viewers that your tips work by giving examples. If you want, you may use your own instance as well. The more believable results they see, the more they’ll be encouraged to share the content.

Achieve the Things You Want in Life

Empower your audience. Nothing earns shares faster than content which tells you how to affect outcomes for your benefit. Talk to them about confidence, and push them to get what they want out of their careers, their lives, and their relationships. Write content on specific topics that speak to your website visitors like relationship advice, interview acing tips, negotiation methods, and ways to secure a promotion. Spin these topics carefully so they’re not only practical but interesting as well, easily allowing you to earn the trust of your users.

The more people feel empowered by reading your blog, the more shares you’ll get. The best thing about this type of content is that it can fit any blog, regardless of industry.

There are plenty of factors that affect the popularity of blog posts, like time of posting, the title, keywords, but the subject matter is no doubt one of the most pivotal factors. Tweak your content to provide your audience with the best possible blogs that benefit them. Help them and they help you – it works that way!

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