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Startup Marketing Strategy on a Tight Budget

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Last Updated on September 20, 2018 by Kuldeep Bisht

startup marketingIs there anything such as ‘marketing without expense’? As a startup, with little to spare in terms of a marketing budget, how do you compete in the marketing game?

Well, there’s news for you. There are more than a few free marketing options and tools that help you achieve significant in terms of social media marketing, audience outreach, email marketing, and more.

Get A Hold on the Latest Developments in Your Market

Tools like RSS Feed and Google Reader (not out of service) used to be perfect free solutions to give businessmen insight into latest developments in markets they were interested about.

Today, Feedly is one of the most trusted and free tools to get regular updates on trending topics and buzzwords from your niches of interest. This helps you create marketing messages and marketing campaigns aligned with the latest trends.

I strongly advise you to use all the options mentioned on this KissMetrics post to thoroughly understand your market and audience.

Social Media Marketing For Brand Creation

Social media marketing is a must-have for your startup. Increasing your followers, engaging your target audiences, and creating brand equity – all this can be done for free using social media marketing. One of the free tools you can use to manage social media marketing activities is Buffer. Using it, you can:

  • Connect multiple social media accounts to one platform
  • Single dashboard to schedule posts for all social media profiles
  • Create drip campaigns

Buffer’s free plan gives you useful options to start experiencing social media marketing benefits, and once you have some budget to spare, you can opt for paid service. Hootsuite’s free social media service is also a good option, allowing you to manage 3 profiles from one dashboard.

Get More Marketing Activities Done With Less Efforts, Using Free Tools

In addition to the options suggested above, you’d do well to look for free tools and apps that help you get more done in less time. There are several tools that help your marketing efforts, right from design tools to feedback capture tools.

  1. Spaces Free Logo Maker helps you create a free logo that you can use a face for your business. This saves you vital marketing collateral development dollars.
  2. Canva offers you several free to use fonts, visuals, images, and templates that allow you to create posters, proposals, and infographics for your business.
  3. Tools like Evernote help you organize ideas, trends, and inspiration at one place. The app installs on your tablets, smartphones, and desktops, enabling super quick capture of ideas.
  4. Surveys help you capture customer insight, ideas, and product feedback. SurveyMonkey is a superb free survey tool that helps you create all kinds of survey forms.
  5. Sniply helps drive more website visits, by attaching Call To Action buttons to all your shared content.

Email Marketing to Create A Tool of Prospects

Email marketing continues to be a game changer for several businesses, and your startup is no different. Using email marketing, you can:

  • Spread word about new campaigns, products, and events
  • Gather feedback from existing customers
  • Create a database of prospects you can target for more sales

Free email marketing tools help you get your email marketing started without much effort and investment. GetResponse and MailChimp are worth a trial. With these tools, you can create scheduled emails, drip email marketing campaigns, and can even enhance your landing page conversion.

I hope you get the most out of these free tools to get your online marketing campaigns off the mark, without much expense.

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