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Proven Online Marketing Tips to Drive Repeat Website Visits

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Last Updated on September 20, 2018 by Kuldeep Bisht

Nothing excites me more than learning more about online marketing and making blogs successful. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a credible stats report suggesting that 98% first-time blog visitors don’t return to your blog!

This can de-motivate any blogger (including me). The worse part, if you do get demotivated, even the ‘first-time’ visitor traffic will start falling down.

So, what to do?

The answer is – optimize your blog to achieve repeat website visits.

Email List Building Is the Key

I’d strongly suggest you put your dedicated effort into building an email list development system. There are proven effective tools that help you capture more email IDs every day.

SumoMe is a great tool, likely to improve your website’s landing page conversion rate to 7-8%. Other similar tools are – OptInMonster, and PopUpDomination. Why don’t you test them out on a few of your landing pages?

Once you have a growing list of emails, devise an email marketing strategy to send out notifications of new blog content to subscribers. You can also try collating your blog contents into an ebook every month, and offer it as a free copy to motivate new subscriptions. This helps you in driving repeat visits to your websites.

Automatic Email Marketing – Minimal Effort, Maximum and Continued Results

Here’s another method I’d like to explain, a bit more advanced, but sticking to email marketing. Try out MailChimp, it’s pretty awesome, in the sense that it allows you to set out a plan of emailing, and it does all the rest.

For instance, the most basic task you can achieve using MailChimp is to send out automatic welcome emails to users who subscribe to your blog. You can manage pretty detailed email marketing campaigns with minimal effort using this superb tool. You might also want to try out other great tools like Drip, GetResponse, and Aweber for the same purpose.

Another Wave of Automation – This time With Social Media

Do you use social media marketing and social media content strategies to improve traffic? Well, just like I told you about automating email marketing, you can automate social media content also. You can use handy tools such as Sprout Social, Buffer App, and Circular.

Using these tools, you can schedule content updates on most of your social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and more) for days, weeks, and even months.

So, on a weekend, you can spend a couple of hours, and your social media content will be sorted out for the next few weeks or months. This ensures that your social profile followers and visitors are always aware of the latest updates from your blog, and motivated to pay a repeat visit.

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Additionally, there are tools and plugins that automatically publish your new content on all your social media profiles, such as Zapier, WP to Buffer, etc.

Bonus Tips

Run campaigns such as bi-weekly free ebooks, Friday special coverage, Month end video reviews, q&a session, etc. This promotes a natural tendency among visitors to re-visit your website, in search for the promised periodical updates.

Remember, 80% of your blog success will be accounted for by 20% of your visitors. So, every visitor whom you can transform into a repeat visitor significantly improves your blog’s success stats. Experiment with these tips, and please share your experiences with me.

Experiment with these tips, and share your online marketing experiences with me. Also, let the fellow readers know your tricks to improve your repeat visits in comments.

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