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How to Create Backlinks for a New Site without Money?

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Last Updated on April 2, 2019 by Kuldeep Bisht

If you’re reading this, chances are that the process of creating a new website has drained you of your resources. This is a problem encountered by many fledgeling website administrators. However, there are ways to promote a website without spending money, and backlinks fall in that category. All you need to do is request a backlink from another site. It’s clean, simple, direct, and highly convenient, if successful. However, this is not a foolproof strategy.

Considering how the average office worker receives an average of 121 emails per day, it’s not surprising when link requests get buried under other emails. There’s also the possibility that your request gets denied or ignored. What this means is you’ll have to come up with a backlink request that is difficult to turn down. While the process may seem difficult, once you get an idea of what it is that site owners look for, your task becomes a whole lot simpler.

Below you’ll find some helpful tips for creating a link request that will enable you to get new authority links:

Give the Site Owners What They Want

Backlinks are an easy get when a site has great content coupled with a strong pitch. Here’s a good example:

link request email template

But what makes a blog accept such a request? Simple – to benefit itself. The right backlinks are important to link building, which explains why all sites wish to have the best links. The trick is to highlight what benefits the site owners will get. Most site owners look for the following in a specific link:

  • The legitimacy of the website.
  • Well-written and produced.
  • Content is relevant to the website.
  • Content goes into a lot of detail.

Basically, all these points highlight the same thing – put in a lot of hard work while creating top-tier content, and your efforts are bound to pay off.

Play Up the Value of Your Page

Site owners should be able to tell from your pitch alone whether the resource is of good quality. This means your link request must sell your page or article as an invaluable resource, and all the benefits, even if evident, must be spelled out clearly. Site owners will accept link requests when it gives them a chance to promote their brand to a new audience.

Make sure the benefits are real. Content is clearly the most important factor – when you have a relevant blog or article, it’s a great idea. Plus, keep in mind that short pitches are always better. That way site owners can go through it easily and make sense of what is being offered in just a few lines. But just because the pitch is short, doesn’t mean it should lack information.

For example:

backlink request

This email has all the makings of a perfect pitch. It clearly provides the necessary information without going into too much detail, and also touches upon the benefit of their content – just enough to pique interest.

Writing the Pitch

Instead of being scared, just start writing. Once you become used to it, the process gets easier. Begin with the subject line. This is the most vital component because it will directly determine whether your email is going to be opened or not. A subpar subject link might get your email marked as spam. Your statement should be compelling and bold but should appear natural. Use emojis to grab attention, or write one word in all caps.

Now moving onto the body of the email, be approachable and friendly, and highlight the benefits. Give the impression that your site is the authority.

If you have no idea where, to begin with, pitches, use a tool like Pitchbox or a best pitchbox alternatives for . It helps you come up with email templates for different purposes, including backlink requests.

Final Words

Writing something great doesn’t require you to be an amazing writer. What you need to do is understand what people are looking for, and simply provide it to them. In this case, you should explain why linking with you is beneficial. Your request will not always be accepted but using the tips given above, you can increase your chances exponentially.

Let me know what other techniques do you have to build links for a new site. Also, share these tips with your friends.

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