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Struggling with Links? Use these 5 Link Building Strategies to Fasten your Link Building

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Last Updated on September 20, 2018 by Kuldeep Bisht

In this Panda and Penguin Word of Google. You might be struggling with link building strategies that you need to build white hat backlinks fast.

Today, I am going to share few strategies that you can apply in your link building campaign. Keep those in mind when you’re making a new link building strategy.

Here are top 5 strategies

No.1 – Lower Domain Authority Links

I have heard many times that “Getting links from lower domain authority than your own, is harmful.” Obviously Not! Guys, you might be missing lots links because of this myth. One clear thing – domain authority is not a ranking factor for Google because it is created by Moz. It has no link Google Ranking Algorithm.

If a fresh link can send you good amount of quality traffic and has a reason to put it there. Then it is a good link. However, it should not against good link building guidelines.

If you’re ignoring a link because of low domain authority than start it add this in your link building strategies.

No. 2 – Directory Links

You heard it Right. Directories links still work if you’re getting them from good sites and that put a reason behind linking. Your link must have an answer of “why I’m linked from here?” Make sure the website not already penalized or spam one.

No. 3 – Non-Relevant Links

Many of us think that only relevant link is good for your website, especially when you’re using white hat backlink strategy. They strictly avoid non-relevant links. Google like links and if you get links from non-relevant sites. Don’t worry about it. They are very helpful. Especially when they linked us genuinely without buying or manipulated.

No. 4 – Ask for Direct Links

If you’re not reaching out for a direct link, then you may add this in your strategy. However, you’re not engaging in manipulative, spammy link practices or buying links. So start asking for a direct link that has a reason to put and may send quality traffic to your website.

No. 5 – One Link per Website

Again, if you’re using “one link from one website” strategy to build your backlinks. Then you should avoid this one too. I believe, Linking from more referral domains is good. But if anyone wants to link me from their many pages than I should be thrilled about it. “Wow, I have got more links” If a link is sending high-quality traffic to your website then get it.

So keep all these in mind while building links for your website. It’ll help you to get more links in short time.

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