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How to use Live Video to Build Your Personal Brand

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Last Updated on September 20, 2018 by Kuldeep Bisht

Live videos are the latest trend in the digital media. So, why not use live video to build your personal brand?

video for personal branding

Branding, believe it or not, is what keeps your identify afloat in the ocean of digital marketing. Do you want to learn the key tenets of personal branding? Better still, do you want to know what’s latest in the field of personal branding? In this guide book, I’ll tell you how you can use live video to create buzz, get more eyeballs, and create a sustainable personal brand for yourself.

If you’re not sold on the idea of personal branding with live video yet, consider that Syndacast released stats that estimated video’s contribution to web traffic at 70% in 2017. On with the real stuff now –

Planning Your Live Video Broadcasts

Identify the topics most searched for in the past week, organize your research and thoughts on the same and prepare a video script, practice the lesson delivery, and then deliver your live video broadcast. Once or twice a week, preferably under a declared schedule is the best way to plan. Once you conduct the live session, archive your broadcast so that you can use it on YouTube or any other video marketing platform later.

Follow Up Videos Based on Real Audience Questions

Here’s a tip: at the end of every live video broadcast, ask your viewers to throw in their questions (give them an email ID, or a TinyURL link to a web form that they can fill in). Then, pick up 3 to 5 FAQs, and prepare a follow up live session to answer those. This does your branding a world of good, and helps you establish a great relationship as a problem solver with your audience. SEO master Jim Stewart is using this method with great success; there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

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Kick-start Live Video Campaign with This Top

If you’re out of ideas and looking to kick-start your live video based branding, I suggest you pick up 5 of your best blog posts, and prepare video sessions around the same. You can use services like Periscope (more on this later) to showcase your live video session. Also, this helps you drive some traffic to your already live blog posts.

Top 3 Live Video broadcast Apps

Google Hangouts on Air excelled up till now as a platform for conducting live video broadcasts. However, here are 3 mobile friendly tools to quickly start your live video broadcast with ease –

Meerkat: This app kicked off the trend of live video broadcasts with ease, after its launch at SXSW in 2015.

Periscope: With 10 million plus users already, this is the live video broadcast app of choice for many. Your broadcasts are available for 24 hours after live showcase, and you can use services like to archive them, and use for routine video marketing later.

Me Vee: Allowing archiving of live videos online, and available for access to audiences without them having to download the app, this one is giving tough competition to Periscope.

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Best Practices to Help You Get Your Live Videos Right

Make sure the video does not come across as awkward to the audience – dress well, choose a suitable backdrop, cut out unnecessary noise, and once you are comfortable go to cool locations (beachside, hillside, rooftop, gardens, etc.) to deliver your video, just to improve the aesthetics. Don’t read from a script, because it’s identifiable from the audience’s point of view, and hence is a turnoff, apart from cutting down on the authenticity quotient of the video. Also, keep them short and sweet, less than 5 minutes, because audience attention spans are dwindling.

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