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Top SEO Stats And Takeaway

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Last Updated on September 20, 2018 by Kuldeep Bisht

Use these top SEO stats boost your SEO efforts

Today, I am going to share some SEO stats or metrics that I grabbed from various sites. And, how you can make a strategy from these stats to boost your ranking. I have already shared some of them on my “Kedy SEO facebook page”.

top seo statistics

Now, what does it mean to SEO?

You might be asking “Why Do Sites Rank High on Google When They Aren’t Optimized?

So this might answer your question. Top 5 strategies that I learn from above stats.

1 – Data Driven Marketing Strategy

You can also use Data Driven Marketing Strategy for your SEO skills. Take your action as per the data you have. It’s simple.

2 – Make your website https://

As per seo statistics, https is a strong ranking signal for Google. So it’ll help you to get the higher rank. So make your website ‘https’ today.

3 – Long Tail – User Intended Keyphrases

50% internet users are looking for long tail keywords. They ask on Google, they search conversational queries. And Google Likes it. Note That, Google Hummingbird Update! So while choosing keywords, keep your customers in mind and think in phrases and questions they are asking, not just a broad keywords. It’ll save you from competition as well.

4 – Use Blog Marketing

As per data, marketers (b2b or B2c), are using content marketing to get more links, traffic and blogs get more inbound links.” So, you can add a blog on your website and start content marketing for it.

5- Go Mobile

As per top SEO stats, Google mobile searches are taking more places and more conversion rates are from mobile devices than computer. So optimize your website for mobile, especially when you’re a local business.

‘Takeaway – Make a secure mobile friendly website with a blog and start blog content marketing to get rank & traffic.’

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So this is all for today.

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