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Last Updated on September 30, 2022 by Kuldeep Bisht

Thousands have lived without ‘Love’, not one without “Water”. -H. Auden

I’m writing this post because I know the value of saving water for life. Saving water is important to save the earth and for our future generations. Water is essential for everything. That’s why we celebrate World Water Day on 22 March every year.

If you don’t know “We’ve already started looking for water on other planets”.

Water is essential for our planet and the survival of living organisms. I have often seen people never give importance to saving water, especially living in metropolitan cities. Whereas, they’re paying for it.

We know a lot of places where water is being wasted due to leakage or leniency. Hence, it becomes essential to give importance to these issues by the concerned department of govt.

We have to take some critical steps to save water for the earth and future generations.

Do you know we have only about 3% of earth’s water is freshwater which can be used for drinking? We have very less drink water and it is getting polluted every day. Attention Here!!!

Let’s talk about water facts and how we can save water in different categories.

Let’s jump into it.

Surprising Water Facts You Should Know Now

  1. On earth, around 68.7% of water is in glaciers in the form of ice. But, due to global warming, it is being released into the oceans and rivers.
  2. You know what, if you are four members in a family then to produce food for the whole day 6,800 gallons of water is required.
  3. The water inside the heart and brain of human beings is 73% of the total water inside our body.
  4. Reducing the number of swimming is essential. It is because in one month the amount of water evaporated through swimming pools is 1,000 gallons.
  5. Every day approx 6 billion gallons are wasted due to leakage in pipes and faucets daily.

There are many more water facts you should consider and start your hand in saving water to save our Earth.

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How to Save Water

I have mentioned a few common ways that everyone can follow and make a big change for this world by saving water. We use water in our daily life to complete the tasks in the Kitchen, Washroom, Outdoor, etc. Let’s check the ways to save water in your daily life routine.

Always Remember,

Every Drop Counts!!!

How to Save Water in the Kitchen?

Here are 8 ways to save water in your Kitchen things everyday.

1. Try to wash dishes once or twice a day

It is because washing with full loads helps to reduce excess wastage of running water. When we clean a few dishes every few hours, the amount of water wasted is more. If you use a dishwasher then wash your dishes once a day only.

2. Defrost food by keeping in refrigerators

Many people try to quickly defrost the food items by defrosting them in running water, but it is not a good idea as water is wasted in large amounts. Instead, one can keep the food item in the refrigerator for a few hours before the actual cooking time.’

3. Use appropriate utensils for boiling

When we have to cook less quantity of food, it’s better to use a small saucepan than big pots.

4. Steaming the food items

Yes, it is the best possible way to save a lot of water. In steaming the food items, it requires less water to cook the food.

5. Scrap leftovers instead of rising

It is better to scrap the leftovers rather than rinsing the dishes every time before cleaning them.

6. Try to stop running water

If there is running water getting wasted due to any reason like leakage, then it is better to get it fixed as soon as possible.

7. Store water in bottles

Yes, it is better to store water in jars instead of opening the taps every-time before drinking it.

8. Use remaining water to water plants:

After boiling the food items instead of throwing the food items, one must put it inside the plants.

How to Save Water in the Bathroom?

1. Use high-efficiency toilet flush

The older toilet flush uses 7 gallons of water per flush. But there is a high-efficiency flush available that uses 1.8 gallons per flush.

2. Fix the faucets and pipes

Usually, people forget to fix the faucets and pipes resulting in leakage. Therefore it is essential to check the connections from time to time.

3. Avoid throwing tissues in the toilet

People often throw the waste tissues in the flush which could damage the pipelines. Even tissues and waste bits consume more water at every flush.

4. Turn off the taps while shaving

Try to use less water while washing your hands or shaving. Please don’t keep the taps on while you are not using them.

5. Try to take shorter showers

To enjoy a comfortable bath, don’t waste water by using it for a long time. Use that much water is required for bathing only.

6. Try to install low-flow showerheads

Installing the low-flow showerheads will help you control the water flow. New showerheads in the market restrict the shower flow to save water.

7. Use buckets as much as possible

Even though we know, people love to take showers in the summer season, you use more water while bathing than a bucket. Hence, to save water, it is better to use buckets.

How to Save Water in the Garden?

Here are the 7 best ways to save water in your Garden, Yard, or Outdoor things.

1. Check the quality of the soil

We know that soil retains water or moisture for a long time. One can add organic matter to land that will help it to keep more water by improving its structure.

2. Avoid excess watering

It is the step that is essential for both saving water and plant growth. If you are watering without checking the need or the dryness of the soil, then it will be a wastage of water. Even excess water can damage the plant.

3. Check that you have heavy soil or light sandy soil

Heavy soil retains the water for a long time, but light sandy soil doesn’t. Therefore the need for water in both cases is different.

4. Grow flowers that consume less water

Flowers like Mimosa, verbena, or lavender need less water than other flowers. Therefore growing them will save water.

5. Perfect working technique

Instead of giving water to plants through buckets or pipes, try to use watering cans or sprinkles. It will help to spread the water equally without any wastage.

6. Use the drip irrigation method

If you are working on the field, drip irrigation is the best method to irrigate the field.

7. Use glazed terra cotta containers

It helps in two ways by increasing the overall look of the plants and by retaining water inside the pot. The watering need is very infrequent in these containers.

How to Save Water in the Laundry Room?

1. Select a machine with an efficient washer

The quantity of water used in different washers of washing machines is different. Therefore check the efficiency of the washer before purchasing to save water.

2. Correct load size, cycle, and time

Selecting all three options is essential to preserve the consumption of more water while washing.

3. Don’t wash heavy clothes every time

Especially in winter, we can wear jackets and other heavy clothes twice. It is the method that could help to save water by reducing the number of clothes.

4. Check for the sinks and washers leaks

You are trying to save water, but it may happen that due to leakage, the water is flowing out. From time to time check out all the parts. It will help to resolve the problem.

5. Use less water while washing clothes by hands

Please try to use a minimum of water while washing clothes with your hands. It is the most effective method to save water.

6. Use effective detergents

Even studies say that if you are using the right detergent, then the process of washing clothes will be done very quickly.

How To Save Water While Washing Your Car?

1. Use buckets instead of pipes

We have seen people using pipes to clean the vehicles inside the home. But it consumes a lot of water which is not required. It is better to use buckets instead of pipes to wash it.

2. Don’t wash your vehicle frequently

If there is no need to wash it, try to avoid it. Some people have the habit of washing vehicles on every second day. It leads to a lot of water wastage.

3. Use proper detergents and cleaning agents

There are 2 types of cleaning agents in the market. Use the detergents that consume less water to wash the vehicle and vice versa. Therefore check the quality of the cleaning agent you are using. It is for both reducing water wastage and for the durability of your car.

4. Choose the right place

There are many places where one can wash vehicles. But it is advisable to use a place where less surrounding cleaning is needed like the Garden area. It is because the water that you are going to use will go inside the ground and the soil will get it for the proper growth.

5. Learn how to wash the vehicle

It is another method that will help you to avoid the wastage of water by washing each part one by one. It also helps to clean the car properly and saves water.

6. Try to clean it in the rain

In the rainy season, one can wear a raincoat and wash the car with natural water. It will help you to save a lot of water.

How to Save Water in Industries?

Here are 7 easy water-saving ideas for the industry or manufacturing units.

1. Use spray nozzles for cleaning

It could help to reduce the usage of water along with that these nozzles have shut-off valves. For example: attach a nozzle spray in front of sprinklers used for cleaning.

2. Mopping instead of using hoses

There is no need to use the hoses for cleaning every time. If you have to clean the small area, then you can mop it quickly.

3. Spot or dry cleaning instead of wet carpet cleaning

Using water for cleaning the carpets every time could waste a lot of water. There are dry or spot cleaning methods in the market that could help to reduce excessive water usage.

4. Wash the exterior areas of the building after a considerable time

There is no need to wash the exterior structure of the building every 15 days. Instead of this, one can fix a substantial time interval for the wet washing of the building.

5. Use the timers

As the technology is developing, the timers are being installed with pedals to alert excessive use of water. A timer in the machines is used to clean big areas after office hours. It helps the person to know that he/she is using more water for cleaning.

6. Try to reuse the water

There are many ways to reuse the water for cleaning or watering the plants. It helps to save water and use it efficiently. For example, use the used water for cleaning or for watering plants.

7. Spread awareness among workers

Now, it is the duty of the owner to tell the employee why it is essential to save water. The employees are using the machines throughout the day. Henceforth, they can save water many times.

How to Save Water in Hotels?

The hotel is the one place where a lot of water is used in different departments. Therefore, it is advisable to use water properly and try to recycle it.

1. Install recycling plant

The water that cannot be used for drinking can be used for watering the plants or for cleaning. Water recycling plants help to eliminate the toxicants before the reuse of water.

2. Try to plan wisely

One has to clean the areas daily. But it is advisable to plan carefully and check when deep cleaning is needed or how many times you can go ahead with dry cleaning.

3. Spread awareness among employees

The employees are going to use water for various activities. So let them know the advantages and disadvantages of using the water wisely.

4. Proper drainage system

It is a minor thing that one has to check that there is an appropriate drainage system in your property. It helps to release the wastewater efficiently without any effort.

5. Install water consumption meters

It will be the best option to install the water consumption meters because they will help you to alert when it exceeds. The manager could check when the consumption is high, and the reason behind it.

6. Use good quality soil in gardens

If you are using good quality soil, then it will help to reduce the excess soaking of water inside the ground.

Save Water in Life by doing Small Activities

Small things make a huge difference so you can do little things in your daily life that can save a good amount of water every day.

  1. Try to use the buckets for cleaning your house.
  2. Take care while filling the bottle from the tap and try to close it before it loads and spills. 
  3.  Try to prevent the children from playing in the water in hot summers.
  4.  Always double-check that the faucets are entirely attached to the taps. 
  5.  Try to use less water while rinsing the dishes.
  6.  Try to avoid using the shower gels while bathing as they need more water.
  7.  There are dual flush toilets in the market that one can use to flush as per the need.
  8.  Check your water bill and your usage every month and try to reduce the same.
  9.  Always use the lawn Mowers at the height of 2 inches. 

Apart from saving water, one should consider cleaning the water levels. We’re regularly polluting our water and that is going to make a huge problem in the future for our next generation.

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Best Water Saving Devices

Below are some water-saving tools that you can use or apply in your daily life to save water every day.

1 – Water Saving Dual Flow Aerator – You can use a dual flow aerator according to your socket sizes. Use them for sink and shower. This can save a good amount of water. View on Amazon

2 – Overflow Water Tank Alarm System – Many people use it and this is must use tool for saving water in your daily life activities. View on Amazon

3 – 20 LTR Save Water Bottle Dispenser Cover – This is the best way to motivate people by using this cover in the office or companies. View on Amazon

How is pollution affecting water levels?

Pollution is the primary reason why the water level is decreasing. It is because due to increasing pollution and global warming, the seasons are affecting. In many areas, there is very little rainfall compared to previous years.

The pollution is also affecting the water bodies, and the living organisms are consuming dirty water.

How is the environment affected by low water levels?

The effect on the environment due to the lower water level is quite significant. The department predicts that if the situation goes the same then very soon the water level will deplete within a few years.

The water that plants and fields get for irrigation through rivers is minimal nowadays. Within a few years, the water will decrease below its minimal water level.

Our future generation has to face problems due to less availability. A time will come soon when we have to pay a lot to get water for drinking.

Animals living near a river or ponds will get dirty water to drink. It could harm their health and body.

Now it is essential to save the water level and avoid the misuse of water in any way.

Bottom lines!

Year after year, it is becoming essential for everyone to use the water carefully. If we want to get freshwater in the future then preventing and preserving it becomes necessary.

There are many ways in our surroundings by which we can save the water level. It is suggested to aware people of saving water and tries to minimize the use of water whenever not needed.

Try to save water every time, wherever and whenever possible.

I’m sure that you have some other ways to save water. Sharing your ideas for saving water will help others to save more water. I hope you understand the importance of water and will help me to spread Save Water awareness.

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