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Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine in India – Buying Guide & Reviews

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Last Updated on March 23, 2023 by Kuldeep Bisht

I did hours of research to find the best Semi-automatic washing machine for my home use. I am going to share all my research and top recommendations to help you find the best cloth washing machine for your home.

Nowadays, people have very little time to do household work due to busy work schedules. Therefore, it becomes difficult to spend time washing clothes for 2-3 hours. Manufacturers also know this problem of the customers. Hence, they decided to manufacture a product that could decrease the time spent washing clothes. It becomes quite easy when you have a semi-automatic machine to wash the clothes. Now, here we will see what the qualities of semi-automatic machines are. Along with this, we will also compare a few top brands from various e-commerce websites.

Let’s dive into the guide.

What is a semi-automatic washing machine?

It is a machine that contains two tubs for washing clothes. The first tub is used to wash the clothes, and the second is used to dry them. You have to transfer the clothes to the drying tub for drying once the washing is done. There is no need to put in a lot of effort while washing, hence the machine is known as a semi-automatic machine.

How does the semi-auto washing machine work?

The semi-automatic machine includes three steps while washing the clothes. These could help you to clean your clothes while doing other household work effectively. The steps are:

  • Washing: First, the clothes will be washed in a tub. You have to put the detergent and water as per the requirement.
  • Rinsing: Once the washing of clothes is done, it will rinse the clothes thoroughly. It will help to remove the excess water from the clothes before drying.
  • Drying: Now you have to transfer clothes to the second tub where they will dry, and you have to set the timer for drying.

In these few simple steps, one will be able to wash the clothes without doing a lot of work effectively.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Buying Guide

One cannot go to the market and can purchase any product. It is because there are a few things one has to keep in mind before buying a product. The top 3 things are:

  1. The capacity of holding clothes: It is essential to check how many clothes you can put inside the machine for washing. There are different machines in the market with more or less weight. Therefore, it depends on you how much big or small machine is required in your house. How many members you have or how frequently you wash the clothes will answer this question.
  2. Revolutions per minute (RPM): It is another essential thing that a buyer has to check before buying a washing machine. There are two types of clothes in this categorization. One is delicate or the second is robust. One can wash delicate clothes at 400-500 RPM and robust clothes up to 1000 RPM. So, check what type of clothes you want to wash then buy accordingly.
  3. Efficiency: Now, one has to check whether the product is energy-certified or not. To save power or to buy a product with less consumption of electricity, checking the efficiency of the machine is a must. Go through the user manual to know the efficiency of the product.

Here are a few benefits and problems of purchasing semi-automatic washing machines.

Advantages of semi-automatic machines

  • There are many affordable brands available in the market under 8000.
  • It becomes smooth to operate a product where less manual interference is needed.
  • It will help to wash the clothes ideally in less time.
  • People are recommending the product due to its durability and efficiency.
  • It consumes less water than those fully-automated machines.
  • The after-sale service of the Top brands is beneficial.

Disadvantages of semi-automatic machines

  • Expensive than manual washing machines.
  • One has to spend a little time learning the process of how it works.
  • It consumes more electricity as it takes more time to wash clothes.
  • Sometimes blockage could be an issue for the users.

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10 Best Semi-Auto Washing Machines in India (2023)

Here is the recommended list of the best semi-automatic washing machines in India. I did thorough research to find the perfect one for my personal use.

1. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The semi-automatic washing machine is equipped with TurboScrub Technology combined with a 340W powerful high-efficiency motor to up your cloth washing game. 66 Litres large washtub with a Deep wash system is a bonus because it gives your clothes ample space to spin and get washed at no hassles. This machine can easily be grabbed under Rs 10000 price or lower price on next Amazon sales.

Brand ‎Whirlpool
Capacity ‎7 Kilograms
Max Rotational Speed ‎1400 RPM
Noise Level Spinning ‎60 dB
Form Factor ‎Top-Loading
Special Features ‎Scrub Station, Auto restart, End of cycle buzzer, Waterproof panel
Voltage ‎230 Volts
Material ‎Plastic


  • Auto-restart, End of cycle buzzer, Soak Technology everything is available inside.
  • Wash an array of cloths, from Delicate, Normal to Heavy fabric
  • The motor is powerful and rolls dirty clothes all around in different directions 
  • Control Panel is waterproof 
  • Four wheels attached to the washing machine ensure smooth mobility
  • 1400 RPM dryer ensure clothes dry faster and better


  • The bottom part, especially the wheels, isn’t that strong. So move it carefully.

Verdict – Consider this top-loading washing machine powered by Whirlpool that fits both your budget and laundry choices. 

2. LG 9 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – P9040RGAZ

LG 9 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P9040RGAZ, Grey, Lint collector)

This semi-automatic 9 KG washing machine is exclusively brought to you by a famous brand– LG.  

This beauty features a 5-star rating as it consumes less energy. The overall body of this washing machine is rust-free and weighs only 24 Kg. A faster spin dryer is also included. You can also schedule spin and washing time in the control panel. This LG machine falls under Rs. 15000 price.

Brand ‎LG
Model ‎P9040RGAZ
Noise Level Drying ‎65 dB
Max Rotational Speed ‎1350 RPM
Form Factor ‎Top-Loading
Special Features ‎Collar scrubber, Rust free body, Lint collector
Voltage ‎240 Volts


  • Includes warranty two years on the manufacturer and five years on motor 
  • 1350 RPM dryer spin and dry your clothes within a few seconds
  • Wash Programs has Gentle, Normal, and Strong
  • Suitable for large families
  • Fiber doesn’t stick to washing tubes, thanks to Lint Collector


  • Few users aren’t satisfied with the plastic body of the machine

Verdict – Your washing machine journey is never-ending if you have a big family. That’s why we recommend you include this gadget in your home appliances.

3. Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT725QPNDMPXTL, White and Blue, Center Jet Pulsator)

If you have a growing pile of dirty laundry stuff but can’t purchase a washing machine as budget is a concern. Don’t worry; perhaps you find this Samsung 7.2 KG top loading washing machine a smarter choice. 

The machine harnesses the power of center jet pulsator technology to ensure a thorough cleansing of your clothes. The dual jet system ensures your cloth is washed in a zig-zag pattern instead of moving in one direction. This Samsung semi-auto falls under Rs. 10K budget.

Brand ‎Samsung
Capacity ‎7.2 Kilograms
Max Rotational Speed ‎740 RPM
Noise Level Washing ‎60 dB
Part Number ‎WT725QPNDMPXTL
Form Factor ‎Top-Loading
Special Features ‎Lint filter, Child lock, Scrub board, Buzzer, Dual jet system
Voltage ‎220 Volts


  • 2-year warranty on machine and five years warranty on the motor is offered
  • Schedule washing and spin time
  • Dual Jet System powers up the motor
  • Inlet and outlet pip have been provided
  • Suitable for family with 3 or 4 family members


  • Spin isn’t that fast and doesn’t dry clothes completely

Verdict – You can buy the gadget if you have a small family and are looking for a budgeted option.

4. LG P8541R3SA 7.5 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 7.5 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P7535SMMZ, Mauve, Wind Jet Dry)

Fed up of your time-spend on an old-fashioned washing machine? Grab this 7.5 Kg beautiful piece. This semi-automatic top loading washing consists of delicate wash settings.  You can wash gentle, regular, and strong clothes on the go in this machine. 

Again, it is a 5-star rating product, ensuring you don’t panic about electricity bills.

Brand ‎LG
Model ‎P7535SMMZ
Capacity ‎7.5 Kilograms
Noise Level Drying ‎65 dB
Maximum Rotational Speed ‎1350 RPM
Form Factor ‎Top-Loading
Special Features ‎Collar scrubber, Rust free body, Lint collector
Control Console ‎Semi Automatic
Voltage ‎220 Volts


  • Multiple wash programs ensuring you wash any fabric effortlessly
  • 1350 RPM motor delivers the fastest spin and dries out your clothes utterly
  • 2 Years Comprehensive & 5 years on Motor warranty is a plus point
  • Mechanical and manual control settings
  • Supreme washing experience with roller jet Pulsator


  • Need extra care when washing soft fabric cloths

Verdict – The machine takes both manual and automatic support to get your washing task done on time so that your kids wake up and dress up on Monday morning in clean school uniforms. 

5. Whirlpool Ace 7.0 Supreme Plus 7 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool Ace 7.0 Supreme Plus semi auto washing machine

Overcome your laundry chaos faster with this gorgeous-looking semi-automatic top loading washing machine. Dynamic impeller makes this machine a powerful option since it ensures soft washing of clothes in desired flow. An in-Built scrubber is an added advantage, ensuring you keep washing and removing all grime and dirt particles on clothes you were used to battle with daily before.  

Brand ‎Whirlpool
Model ‎Ace 7.0 Supreme Plus
Capacity ‎7 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed ‎1400 RPM
Installation Type ‎Free Standing
Form Factor ‎Top-Loading
Special Features ‎Inbuilt Scrubber,Multi-Utility Tray, Buzzer, Auto Re-Start, Lint Filter


  • Inbuilt scrubber gives a perfect wash to your clothes
  • 1400RPM powered motor gives promising spin ensuring you fast dry your washed clothes
  • Come with a warranty of 2 years on product and five years on motor
  • Clothes come out clean and fresh, thanks to the link filter attached inside the washing tube
  • Place and sort out clothes using a multi-utility tray


  • Heating smell begins to release on excessive use

Verdict – A great option for the people looking for a washing machine in budget and remarkable performance.

6. Whirlpool 8.5 Kg 5 Star Top Loading Washing Machine 

Whirlpool 8.5 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (ACE 8.5 TURBO DRY, Wine Dazzle)

Want to resume your washing routine with a bigger and quality washing machine? We have many positive reviews on this one, so have a look. Whirlpool 8.5 Kg washing machine is quite popular among buyers for its dynamic design. The machine has big wheels attached to the bottom for ease of movement. The spin shower is an attractive feature though you can find it in other options too. The washing machine uses Turbodry Technology attached with a 1400 RPM motor that lowers the drying time. 

Brand ‎Whirlpool
Capacity ‎8.5 Kilograms
Noise Level Drying ‎66.5 dB
Max Rotational Speed ‎1400 RPM
Form Factor ‎Top-Loading
Special Features ‎Autorestart, High efficiency motor, End of cycle buzzer, Turbodry Technology
Access Location ‎Top Load
Voltage ‎230 Volts


  • The overall body is rust-proof, ready to work for many years
  • The machine is equipped with big four wheels for ease of mobility
  • Auto-restart, cycle buzzer, and washing settings are available
  • In-built collar scrubber ensures no uniform is left dirty or unwashed


  • Customers claim that functioning isn’t as good as the company promises.

Verdict – Washing machine is equipped with latest technology features and is a good option for the people looking for washing bundle of clothes at once.

7. LG 8 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P8035SRMZ, Burgundy, Collar Scrubber)

This LG 8 KG semi-automatic washing machine is all set to cut some time in your laundry schedule since you receive almost every essential feature for instant cloth washing and cleaning – be it a jet dry system and robust motor. Small features such as a rust-free body, lint collector, and collar scrubbers are the remarkable points of this washing machine—best for small families with 3 to 5 family members.

Brand ‎LG
Model ‎P8035SRMZ
Capacity ‎8 Kilograms
Noise Level Drying ‎65 dB
Max Rotational Speed ‎1350 RPM
Form Factor ‎Top-Loading
Special Features ‎Collar scrubber, Rust free body, Lint collector
Voltage ‎220 Volts


  • Uses wind jet dry system combined with 1350 RPM speed motor
  • Multiple wash programs are available
  • Rust-free body, and auto restart options are available
  • Only clean and fresh clothes come out
  • Delivered with two years of comprehensive warranty and five years of warranty on motor


  • Design isn’t that good, and place to hang pipe and wires are absent

Verdict – Best for small families, bachelors and allow people to take of their linens when required.

8. Whirlpool Superb Atom 70S 7 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (SUPERB ATOM 7.0, Grey, TurboScrub Technology)

This 7Kg washing machine is designed to make your laundry time a bit faster. Thanks to TurboScrub Technology and 66L Large wash tub, allowing you to wash a big bundle of clothes on the go. The control panel is smart and user-friendly, making this cloth washing journey pretty much simple. Set the timer and let the 340W robust High-Efficiency Motor handle the rest of the process for you. 

Brand ‎Whirlpool
Model ‎Superb Atom 70S
Capacity ‎7 Kilograms
Max Rotational Speed ‎1400 RPM
Special Features ‎In built scrubber, Smart Scrub Station, Multi-Utility Tray, Memory function, Lint collector
Access Location ‎Top Load
Voltage ‎230 Volts


  • Avail 2 years warranty on product and five years on motor
  • 1450 rpm motor offers highest spin speed
  • Smartly designed control panel and overall body 
  • 340w powerful high-efficiency motor is a bonus
  • Big tubes allowing you to wash your clothes effortlessly


  • Consumes energy and overall body isn’t that strong

Verdict – Washing machine made for modern times and is a great option to lay your hands for joint families.

9. LG 6.5 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.5 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P6510NBAY, Dark Blue, Rat Away Technology)

Small families can better tackle their laundry challenges with this 6.5 Kg automatic top loading washing machine. It is a 4-star washing machine, which means it consumes a bit more energy than 5-star ones. 

This hardworking machine falls under Rs. 10000 budget price.

Brand ‎LG
Model ‎P6510NBAY
Capacity ‎6.5 Kilograms
Noise Level Drying ‎65 dB
Max Rotational Speed ‎1350 RPM
Special Features ‎Collar scrubber, Rust free body, Lint collector
Access Location ‎Top Load
Voltage ‎230 Volts


  • Offers two years warranty on product
  • Multiple washing programs on a small washing machine
  • 1350 RPM motor delivers a decent spinning speed
  • Spin shower and lint collector is available


  • The lint filter doesn’t work well; it looks like a decoration piece 

Verdict – The washing machine’s small design and overall features make it the best fit for small families or singles. The machine has both washing and drying functions, including multiple washing programs.  

10. LG 7.5 Kg 5 Star Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 7.5 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P7535SBMZ, Dark Blue)

To add convenience to your busy laundry schedule, this last but not least – LG 7.5 Kg washing machine comes with a good amount of features and benefits to the users. You can find both washing and drying functions in the machine, alongside a 5-star rating highlighting it as an energy-efficient product. Water level selection is a pretty unique function in this product.

Brand ‎LG
Model ‎P7535SBMZ
Capacity ‎7.5 Kilograms
Noise Level Drying ‎65 dB
Max Rotational Speed ‎1350 RPM
Form Factor ‎Top-Loading
Special Features ‎Collar scrubber, Rust free body, Lint collector


  • Involves two years manufacturer warranty and five-year warranty on motor
  • Timer and additional automatic settings are available
  • 1350 RPM motor is a great deal
  • Five star rating representing is an energy-efficient product
  • Focused on making small features available, e.g.,  Lint collector, and collar scrubber


  • The overall functioning of the washing machine isn’t impressive. Need extra care!

Verdict – An efficient product with great settings can be bought for its unique functions.

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FAQs for semi-automatic machines

What are the Top Washing Machine brands in India?

As per my research Whirlpool, LG, Godrej, Haier, and Samsung are top-selling brands in India.

What is the range of semi-automatic washing machines?

There are many products in the market ranging from Rs. 9000-15000. Hence, those customers who are looking for a machine under 10000 can also purchase. And, when you can spend more then go for a better product with more add-ons.

Which brand to prefer for a semi-automatic washing machine?

There are many brands of semi-automatic washing machine. But going for LG is quite preferable for the users. The LG products are more efficient than other brands in the market. It is the most trusted brand with optimal after-sales services.

Is it safe to purchase through e-commerce websites?

Earlier, many people think that purchasing through e-commerce websites could lead to wasting money. But, nowadays it is safe to buy through e-commerce websites because you will get similar services that you get in the showroom. Apart from this, there are many cash-back offers and add-ons that one can avail of through coupons.

How to choose a perfect washing machine?

Now, to choose a brand one has to go through its washing cycle, price, efficiency, capacity, tub size, and a few more things. It will help to get the best efficient product.

Final Words

Now, we hope that this semi auto washing machine buying guide could help you to purchase the best efficient semi-automatic washing machine in India. Buying anything without researching won’t be a good option. Therefore, going through the detailed buying guide always helps the reader to select the best product.

If you have any queries, then let us know through the comment box. We would love to help you by answering the required questions. 

Semi-automatic machines are the best option to complete the household washing task in less time with less effort at affordable prices!

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