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Mivi Collar Wireless Earphone – Everything you should know.

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Last Updated on March 23, 2023 by Kuldeep Bisht

To be clear in the front “Now, I am a fan of MIVI Collar Wireless Earphones.” 

I know – You’re asking.

WhyWhat do you like about Mivi Collar?

And there are many more questions coming into your mind about Mivi wireless earphones and this blog post is going to answer all of them. Before gifting this cool gadget to myself. I did a lot of research & did wait to buy this Mivi Collar Wireless Earphone.

mivi earphone review image

Update Oct 2022: As I am in Uttarakhand and Winter is too hard here to survive. My Mivi collar got a little cut on the wire and I tapped it. This indicates that this earphone is not able to handle hard cold as its wire got hard and the possibility of a break. Somehow, I am able to manage it with tapping but still working.

On 31st Dec 2019, I bought this cool and easy neckband from MIVI Official website. And, I love it. Mivi Collar is the best Bluetooth earphone I have ever used. Here is the order confirmation from Mivi’s Official website. But, You can also buy them from Amazon, and Flipkart as well.

mivi collar online order proof
my Mivi collar order confirmation email screenshot.

This is so easy to carry and let you dive & feel the music.


While writing this review, I am wearing my Mivi Collar and enjoying my music in low sound. I am using it for 3 years now and am addicted to it. I carry them all day without getting any discomfort. Sometimes, I forget that I’m wearing a neckband.

Mivi Collar Wireless Earphone Review

Purchasing a Bluetooth earphone with thunder beats without wires will be the best choice. It is an economical earphone that is manufactured by an Indian company. It is a handy Bluetooth headphone under 2000 INR with the most accessible features. The collar is ensuring the quality of the product along with durability.

To buy this cool collar Bluetooth earphone, check out the best deal on your preferred online portal. Or you can grab this cool Bluetooth earphone in the upcoming Amazon Sale or Flipkart Next Sale with more discounts.

Let’s jump into it:

mivi bluetooth neckband with laptop

If you’re curious to know more about the product. Continue to read my detailed review of Mivi Collar Bluetooth Earphones. Now, Mivi Collar Classic earphones come with new models like –

Collar Classic Pro Wireless Earbuds

Collar Flash Bluetooth Earphones
Collar-2B Wireless Earphones

What makes Mivi Collar Best Earphones in 2023?

Best Music Quality:

The True-to-Life HD Stereo sound quality makes the experience of listening to the music most amazing. The best build quality and clear sound are the priority of the manufacturers. It could help to say goodbye to an unclear and interrupted voice through wires.

Incredible voice calls quality:

The best collar headphones have a built-in mic that makes all-day-long calls very effortless to attend. The incoming voice quality is crystal clear and makes the product most suitable while talking in traffic. The mic is very sharp and can transfer the voice very quickly and clearly.

Metallic body with sleek design:

The very smooth metallic body, along with lightweight wireless earphones, makes it easy to carry from one place to another. It is a unique style that is becoming a favorite among several people. Even it looks smart and attractive while wearing around the neck.

Fastest connectivity:

It has 5.0 Bluetooth wireless technology that makes the connection the best. The range of connectivity is up to 30 feet, which is better than many other budget products on the market. The seamless Bluetooth connectivity makes the product worth to be purchased one.

Press buttons on both sides:

Press buttons help to use the device from either side. It has buttons to operate on both sides. Even voice calls could be picked-up quickly through the press buttons.

Cool Features & Functions:

Those press buttons also allow you to use functionality. You can answer calls, change music, command Siri or Google Voice, and do a Google search.

Dual Pairing:

Connecting two devices at a time makes this gadget unique. You can switch between devices with a single press of the button.  It means you can connect earphones with your mobile and laptop together.

Warranty & after-sales services:

It is the leading brand for the past few years. The brand is providing the best services and helps the customers to use the product without any complaints. The company has a perfect customer care facility, along with a 1-year warranty.

Sweatproof designing & dual-pairing:

The best feature of the product, it prevents sweat on the neck, unlike other similar products. It is using IPX 4.0 for designing a perfect optimal design of the earphone.

Noise cancellation feature with:

It could help to get rid of the external noise while listening to music or attending a call. It is using CVC 6.0 technology to provide the best voice experience. Ten hours of battery backup is perfect to be used for the whole day.

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What do I like about this earphone?

  • Mivi collar is made of good quality.
  • It gives you the quality of music. Trust Me!!!
  • Wire adjusting flexibility is awesome. 
  • The calling quality is very good. COOL!!!
  • You can connect 2 devices at a time. (You gonna love this feature)
  • The Bluetooth range is good enough for our living standards.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry. Sometimes, I forget that I’m wearing them. Funny! 
  • Full of Features like changing songs, answering calls, switching paring, and more, make it more functional.
  • The design flexibility keeps the headset always in place. Well Done Mivi!
  • You can comfortably keep the earphone around the neck when not in use.
  • IMPORTANT! Comes at a pocket-friendly price.

What I didn’t like?

  • It doesn’t work great in full sound. But fine, nobody hears loud music all the time.
  • Sometimes, get small cracking sounds when auto connects after sleep or timeout. May it’s my unit problem specifically.
  • I didn’t find any more. But, will keep this updated.

Mivi Collar Do’s and Dont’s

You should adhere to the following rules in order to ensure safe operation and warranty coverage of the Mivi Collar Earphone.

  1. Don’t keep the music over 70%. This will increase your earphone life.
  2. To be under warranty you should keep your earphone from dropping, disassembling, opening, crushing, bending, puncturing, or burning.
  3. Don’t keep your earphone close to any heat source such as radiators, stoves, heating equipment, or any other heat-generating equipment.
  4. Always wipe it with a dry cloth and make sure it is switched off and the power cord is unplugged from the power outlet.

Mivi Collar Earphone Specification

Model Number BE5CL-BK
Wearing Style Neckband
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Bluetooth Range 30 feet
Battery Capacity 150 mAh
Battery Life 10 Hours (at 70% Volume)
Impedance 16 ohms
Sensitivity 104 db+/-3
Frequency Range 20Hz~20KHz
Pairing 2 Devices simultaneously
Weight 30 grams
In the Box Collar Bluetooth Earphones,
User Manual,
Charging Cable, and
Small and Large Ear Buds

Are Mivi Earphones worth buying? (Conclusion)

Of course Yes.

In my personal opinion, It is the Best Collar Wireless Earphone present in the market that could help you to operate your Android device by moving around. Listening to music and attending the Crystal Clear Calls become very easy with this little device. One can purchase it from any e-commerce website within a budget. The quick delivery and reliable service make it the first choice to purchase.

Mivi Support & Service Center Details

Before buying one, you can also make sure the Mivi service center is available near your location. To know this you can call Mivi Support at this number (+91 80999-73333) on Monday to Saturday between 10:30 am-6:30 pm. You can also email Mivi support at Mivi support is operated by Zendesk so you can simply submit a request here.

A perfect earphone within your budget! Enjoy the music with an in-depth bass feature!!

Other Products from Mivi Official

Mivi Bluetooth Speakers – Mivi Collar is a personalized sonata of music to your ears. if you would like to share the pleasure of pure sound then here are a few Mivi Bluetooth speakers to blow the roof away.

  1. Octave 16W Bluetooth Speaker
  2. Roam 5W Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Moonstone 10W Bluetooth Speaker

FAQs on Mivi Collar Earphones

How to Claim Mivi Earphones Warranty?

Mivi Collar is covered with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. If you are facing any issue with the earphone then you can send an email with the issue details to Mivi Support. Here is the Mivi support email –

How good are Mivi collar earphones for me?

They are good in quality, give peaceful music, are comfortable, flexible, adjustable, and many more points. Finally, you won’t regret your decision of buying Mivi collar earphones. You’re going to enjoy these strongest earphones.

Do any other brands in the same price range offer dual pairing?

No, I didn’t find any yet. But this is not the only thing that makes this unique. This is also good because of its music quality. Personally!!!

Are Mivi collar earphones worth the money?

They’re worth the price. Even, you can’t get these amazing features at higher price earphones.

What was your experience with MiVi collar earphones?

This blog is about my experience with the MIVI collar. If you’re interested in buying Mivi Earphones, this blog can help you find the best product and amazing deals.

Feel free to ask any questions about the Mivi Collar review in the Comment section below.

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  1. Great Content. Good review. This really helped me. I have purchased it after reading your review and it is really very good. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. nice post thanks

    After doing a lot of research & reading multiple reviews, I ended up purchasing a TAGG Inferno 2.0 Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headphones as they are the best in the best category. They offer a perfect balance in Budget & Sound quality. After using this headphone I can certainly say these are best at the given price

  3. Rahul Singhal Reply

    finally have received the headphones you suggested…..they fit perfectly, thank you.
    I find that the quality of the sound not so good…. Well, I was not expecting anything more for that price

  4. Rahul Singhal Reply

    Very insightful…… I am enthralled by such eye opener, thanks and keep it up.

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